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March Madness Special $99
For $99. You can have all 47 StrugglingReaders ePrograms for your school.
Not just one classroom, programs can be shared at your school site.
Valuable Resources - Incrediable Value! - Great Resource for YOUR school!
March Madness: All 47 StrugglingReaders eprograms for $99
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Click the button above to recieve all 47 StrugglingReaders eprograms on this website for only $99.
Your order will be processed via Paypal.

All programs will be transfered via email.
Please watch for emails from  
This will be an ongoing process, as programs will be sent only 2-3 per email.

You can then save them to a thumb drive, your hard drive, CD or SD card. 
We highly suggest you back up the programs also.

We appreciate your patience!