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 Phonics Review 2 Also available from Lakeshore Learning Materials   Phonics Review, 1
  Phonics Review
1 & 2 
Each program includes 8
lessons on 4 cassettes

Knowledge of letter-sound relationships provides students with the power to decode thousands of words.

Presents letter-sound relationships, including rhyming patterns and spelling patterns, in meaningful contexts. Students enjoy the step-by-step lessons because they can practice until they succeed.

High Quality Audio Lessons with Reproducible Workbooks
Word Pattern Approach in Natural Context
Extended Activities to Literature and Authentic Texts
Hours of Individual or Group Instruction
Includes: 8 lessons on 4 cassettes and reproducible lesson masters

Phonics Review 2 Includes the same features and components as Phonics Review 1 with extended skill development.

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Phonics Review 1, GA103
Hard Copy + Cassettes
(Grade 1 through adult, 106 pages)

Phonics Review 2, GA104

Hard Copy + Cassettes
(Grade 2 through adult)

Sample Lesson, Book 1
Sample Lesson, Book 2
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Phonics Review 1, GA103,
The Whole CD, $9.99
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Phonics Review 2, GA104,
The Whole CD, $9.99
Track 01 -
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