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GA118 - Core Reading By Dr. Matthew Glavach

Core Reading
for Middle School and High School

I can recommend the Core Reading program as a highly effective way to help students make quick gains in their reading ability and to connect them to the core curriculum.

Jodi Hottel, High School Reading Specialist


Develops Decoding Skills for Multisyllable Words and Reading Fluency

Easy to use. The 25 weekly lessons (lesson packets of 6-8 pages) are based on a core vocabulary from English, biology, science, and social studies.

Students carefully move from two-syllable words to five-syllable words or more, through a unique spelling approach and content related timed readings from grade 5 through grade 12.

English teachers, resource specialists, and reading specialists use the program.

The program includes lesson masters and teacher instructions neatly organized in a binder.


Outstanding Results

Core Reading has been the most successful program I have used.  This program increases studentsí word recognition, fluency, spelling, and comprehension. 


The average growth for my  students

2 years growth in word recognition in 4.5 months

26.6 words per minute growth in reading fluency in 4.5 months

9 months growth  in 3 months on the Accelerated Reader STAR test.


Jessie Kroeck, Middle School English Teacher



GA118 - Print Version
For Middle and High School
375 pages
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GA118 - Electronic PDF Version
For Middle and High School
375 pages

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