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GA118 - Core Reading By Dr. Matthew Glavach

Develops Decoding Skills for Multisyllable Words and Reading Fluency

Easy to use. The 25 weekly lessons (lesson packets of 6-8 pages) are based on a core vocabulary from English, biology, science, and social studies.

Students carefully move from two-syllable words to five-syllable words or more, through a unique spelling approach and content related timed readings from grade 5 through grade 12.

English teachers, resource specialists, and reading specialists use the program.

The program includes lesson masters and teacher instructions neatly organized in a binder.


Outstanding Results

Core Reading has been the most successful program I have used.  This program increases studentsí word recognition, fluency, spelling, and comprehension. 


The average growth for my  students

2 years growth in word recognition in 4.5 months

26.6 words per minute growth in reading fluency in 4.5 months

9 months growth  in 3 months on the Accelerated Reader STAR test.


Jessie Kroeck, Middle School English Teacher



GA118 - Print Version
For Middle and High School
375 pages
$34.95 - Print Version Available at Amazon
$21.99 - Kindle Version (At Amazon)

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