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Latin & Greek Word Roots, Social Studies, Grade 7 - HS+

Latin & Greek Word Roots for Social Studies, Grade 7+ 

Anarchy means without rule; lawlessness


A Course of Study in
LATIN AND GREEK WORD ROOTS for Social Studies, Grade 7 - High School+

An enjoyable and easy-to-use program,
Latin and Greek Word Roots for Social Studies, engages students and teaches word roots, the building blocks for words. As students complete the programís interesting activities: discovery pages, word study cards, and quizzes, they expand their social studies vocabulary, learn to pronounce difficult words, and improve spelling.

Latin and Greek Word Roots for Social Studies has twenty- three lessons. Each lesson has the same structure, making the program comfortable for students and easy for teachers to present.

Each lesson in the program has three pages.

The first page is the Discovery Page introducing the word roots for the lesson in a problem-solving format.

The second page has Word Study Cards with definitions and many sample sentences.

The third page is the Quiz.

Also included in the program are a Student Progress Chart and Latin and Greek Word Charts. The charts can be enlarged and displayed in the classroom. They are in the Teacher Guide. A Reading for Meaning activity has students practice Timed Readings of the words.

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