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How to Short-Circuit Reading Intervention


A book about a new reading intervention program that connects struggling-reader middle school and high school students to core textbooks while dramatically improving their reading.

Classroom lessons included.


In the book, the author, Matthew Glavach, Ph.D., presents the following information.

 How he designed the adult like program for reading intervention that students liked.  He no longer heard students comments about not wanting to do "this baby work".

  How he had students at different reading levels all working in the same instructional program on the same lesson.  Student reading levels ranged from two to five years below expected grade levels.

 How he developed reading interest and motivation with students who were defeated and overwhelmed by the high school curriculum.  A large number of the students were second language learners.

How he used reading research, music research (although the program contained no music), and new findings in brain research in a new approach to short-circuit reading intervention and to connect students to core textbooks.


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For middle and high school

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