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Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1


Book 1

(NOTE: NEW TITLE FOR Fluency &  Phonics, Book 1)

Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1 is a reading program that teaches reading in a different way. Unlike reading programs in which students struggle to sound out words, the program builds on studentsí natural language abilities to develop word recognition and reading fluency in the context of interesting reading passages. Also the program includes phonics in the context of rhyming words from the reading passages.

Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1 has thirteen lessons with graded

reading passages from high grade 1 to high grade 3 reading levels.


In each lesson, Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1 includes phrase-cued reading, repeated reading, timed reading, and reading with expression all of which develop reading fluency.

The program method produces exceptional reading success for at-risk readers having one or more of the following reading characteristics:

need a sense of the whole story before reading;

experience difficulty blending sounds;

read letter by letter, word by word;
have strong verbal skills and weak written language skills; and

exhibit delays in cadence and rhythm.


Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1 also is used with young readers to improve reading speed and fluency.

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