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GA350  RAPS SONG WRITING BOOK                                                                                Amazon $9.95

Song Writing. How to Start?

Pick up a pencil.

Songs and poems don't just happen for most people, they require practice, motivation, dedication, inspiration, and perspiration.  Inspiration needs an invitation.  That is what this book is about.  Students develope their ideas and a rhyming vocabulary.  A rhyming vocabulary also develops reading and writing skills.  This is the fun way to improve reading and writing skills.  

Learn, Discover, Explore, Create.
  • Students who complete the activities in this book will improve their song writing skills. Many will write their own songs and poetry. Reading and writing will improve dramatically.

  • The book is easy to use. The activities follow the same design. After students complete the first activity, they understand how all the lessons work.

Program Benefits:

  • Recent research shows that rhythm and rhyme promote dopamine production in the reward centers of the brain.

  • RAP Rhythms can have a powerful learning effect on the brain.

  • Developing poetic and musical talents improves reading and writing skills.

  • Learn to rhyme, express emotions and ideas, and make songs flow!

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Amazon $9.95

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